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DYNAMIC SPANISH is my website offering Spanish online lessons for adult students of different levels and nationalities through different programs where you will learn Spanish:

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  1. Classes level by level: According to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, in Spanish, there are six levels that comprise the basic level (A1 and A2), intermediate level (B1 and B2), and advanced level (C1 and C2). At DYNAMIC SPANISH I offer each of these levels.

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I customize your experience!

2.Spanish for a specific purpose: I customize your Spanish lessons in accordance with your particular needs.


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3. Business Spanish: These classes are intended for anyone in need of learning business-related vocabulary in Spanish, or culturally-related business practices in Spain, Central or South America.

What more do I offer you?

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You will learn Spanish through different activities, flexible classes and the personalization of your content based on your interests, you will be highly motivated while you learn.

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The courses are adapted to the standards of the CEFR at each of their levels and the modules of speaking, listening, reading and writing to ensure you learn as much as possible.

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Through my experience of almost twenty years of teaching on different continents, I have learned how to apply the right communicative techniques as well as customize the classes to enable you to learn effectively from the very first lesson.

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Learn Spanish while having fun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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I am passionate about teaching, especially about the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. I am a teacher out of vocation and love and you will notice that in each of my classes.